Today in Web3 -- while sending assets, users shouldn't have fear about whether receiver has added that particular chain to their resp. wallet.

Aggregated DID should conforms to W3C DID standards, and can potentially resolve the problem of isolated ID registry systems that most tech companies are facing. DID-aggregation could enable a platform-agnostic identity system that eliminates the process of account registration for users and the coding work of building a new registry system for developers.

Here's how ideal user flow should look like:

  1. User1 types the DID of User2 (Eg, Vedant.Komet)

2.Selects the chain, assets that they need to send to User2

3.Cross-chain bridge is called(Hyphen - Biconomy or other) for a transaction -- extra rewards for this.

4.Once transaction is successful, user2 receives assets on particular chain

One solution approach that Dev can use: